Brooch mandala

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Handmade brooch “Round mandala”. Ready to ship worldwide from Lithuania. If you want to get these earrings faster, please contact me for the details about EXPRESS SHIPPING.

Weight: very light.

Length: 4,5 cm.
Width 4,5 cm.

Care instructions:
Save from:
dust and dirt;
long-term direct sunlight;
make-up preparations;
hair styling preparations;
falling or scratching;
bending or pressing.

Store only in a box separate from other jewelry.

Wear only on outer garments, do not wear under a coat, jacket, etc., as the jewelry can easily deform, scratch, unbutton.
Wear the jewelry only when you are no longer using perfume, hair styling, make-up or similar products.

Clean only with dry agents, preferably with a clean soft brush. If necessary, gently wipe with a damp cloth to prevent dirt from spreading throughout the jewelry. Under no circumstances should be heavily moistened and protect from scratches during cleaning. Avoid chemical cleaning agents.