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Artisan 100 % handmade Jade green with lovely pink elements dangle earrings. A true piece of wearable art for those who want to stand out of a crowd with an attractive and glamour accent. These nature inspired earrings made in hand embroidery technique out of the highest quality materials (Crystals from Swarovski, French sequins, French wire, MIYUKI seed beads, faux leather, stainless steel elements). This is One Of the Kind beadwork. Only one available. Ready to ship worldwide from Lithuania. If you want to get these earrings faster, please contact me for the details about EXPRESS SHIPPING.

Weight: medium.

Length: 7 cm.
Width 3 cm.

Care instructions:
Save from:
dust and dirt;
long-term direct sunlight;
make-up preparations;
hair styling preparations;
falling or scratching;
bending or pressing.

Store only in a box separate from other jewelry.

Wear only on outer garments, do not wear under a coat, jacket, etc., as the jewelry can easily deform, scratch, unbutton.
Wear the jewelry only when you are no longer using perfume, hair styling, make-up or similar products.

Clean only with dry agents, preferably with a clean soft brush. If necessary, gently wipe with a damp cloth to prevent dirt from spreading throughout the jewelry. Under no circumstances should be heavily moistened and protect from scratches during cleaning. Avoid chemical cleaning agents.