Flower barrette/brooch

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White flower barrette with crystals from Swarovski. It is a unique one of a kind product that fits women who wants to emphasize their individuality. The materials used are only of the highest quality and the brooch will, if properly maintained, be passed down from generation to generation as a family relic. The brooch is light and very steady. White color with pastel accents gives a non-binding, romantic yet luxurious look. Ideal for outerwear, both day and evening. Suitable for weddings or christening outfit.

Weight: light.

Length: _ cm.
Width _ cm (with stalk).

Materials: Italian lace base, Swarovski and glass crystals, Czech glass beads and Czech seed beads, French sequins and wire, Stainless steel elements.

Care instructions:
Save from:
dust and dirt;
long-term direct sunlight;
make-up preparations;
hair styling preparations;
falling or scratching;
bending or pressing.

Store only in a box separate from other jewelry.

Wear only on outer garments, do not wear under a coat, jacket, etc., as the jewelry can easily deform, scratch, unbutton.
Wear the jewelry only when you are no longer using perfume, hair styling, make-up or similar products.

Clean only with dry agents, preferably with a clean soft brush. If necessary, gently wipe with a damp cloth to prevent dirt from spreading throughout the jewelry. Under no circumstances should be heavily moistened and protect from scratches during cleaning. Avoid chemical cleaning agents.