My name is Živilė Dudėnienė. I’m a freelance embroiderer, jewelry designer and Haute Couture embroidery artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. In the beginning of 2019 I have founded a high fashion embroidery studio ŽAVI BRAND. I creat unique and one of a kind jewelry and clothing designs for shows, special occasions or fashion photoshoots for all over the world.

My passion for embroidery began early in childhood, but for the last 9 years I have learned a professional Couture embroidery in different techniques, such as tambour embroidery, realistic, 3D embroidery, goldwork, stumpwork, fabric manipulation, ribbon embroidery and many other. I love to mix different techniques in my designs so it would be more unique and outstanding.

All inspiration for my designs comes out from nature. I love to walk and explore every flower or bug I meet. I am so lucky to live in a countryside near to Lithuanian capital Vilnius and I can explore nature almost every day. In my realistic designs I consider every single detail so that my embroidery would be as more realistic as it could be. Endless colorfulness, different shapes and textures all that you will find in my embroidery art inspired by nature.

I am in favor of thrifty consumption and sustainable fashion so every single fabric cut is not thown out but used. Also I use only the highest quality materials in my creations. As a result, my artworks are extremely long-lived and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Highlight your uniqueness with embroidered pieces of art!